Polymer Waveguide with optical connector

Products (developing)

Polymer optical waveguide can be easily connected with optical fibers with MT type connector.


MT compatible optical connector

MT compatible optical connector can be used with polymer waveguides for multi fiber connections such as MPO connector. Polymer waveguides with MT connector for high precision alignment products.


Electrical and Electronic Equipment/Aircraft/Medical Devices

Optical Interconnection

Optical interconnection for board level and chip to chip connection, Polymer waveguide embedded PCB

Field of Applications

High performance computing, Server, Router, Switches, Data storage, Super high-vision, Tablet PC, Inspection devices, Printers, Medical equipments, Airplanes, Automobiles


Please inquire beforehand if you need connector attached polymer waveguide
General SpecificationNo. of Cores : 12ch A-PET
Core Pitch : 250μm
No. of Layers – One


  • Please feel free to consult for any specific requirements such as 8ch, 24ch, two layers, etc.

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