Optical Circuit Products
Polymer Waveguide with Micro-Mirror


The micro-mirror input/output the optical signal vertically from polymer waveguide film. Polymer waveguide can be connected with VCSEL, PD, micro-lens array, optical fibers with micro-mirrors. The waveguide with micro-mirrors achieve low-hight optical connections.


  • Fabrication of a micro-mirror each optical line (core/channel)
  • Passive alignment with using the alignment marks


Electrical and Electronic Equipment/Medical Devices/Aircraft

Optical circuit

Polymer waveguides support high bandwidth, high speed data transmission with low-noise, and low-power consumption with very small footprint.


High flexibility of micro-mirror position

The number of channel 1~100ch
Normal: 1ch, array; 4, 8, 12ch
Accuracy of micro-mirrorNormal: 45±1°
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