About Polymer Waveguide

Polymer optical waveguides are flexible or rigid optical circuits which can be used in various application for data transmission, optical light guide.

Merits of Polymer Waveguide

1. Thin, Flexible

  • Wiring at narrow space
  • Fabricating thin and compact module

2. Shuffler of Optical Signal Line

  • Only 1 layer waveguide to achieve shuffling of optical signal
  • Fabricating splitter pattern waveguide, and tapering pattern one, and so on easily

More than a few meter long optical shuffling ↓

Scalable Fiber Shuffle [Sumitomo Electric]

3. High Density Optical Signal Line

  • Line width/Space width = 50um/10um
  • Lower space of input/output connection than fiber one
  • Fabrication of a micro-mirror each optical line (core/channel)

Long distance transmission from waveguides ↓

Ultra High Density Data Transmission [Sumitomo Electric]

Applications of Optical Waveguide

Optical interconnection

  • Chip to chip optical interconnection
  • On chip optical interconnect
  • Board to board optical interconnection
  • Inter board
  • Optical back plane (Embedded optical circuit board)


  • High performance computing, Server, Router, Switches, Data storage
  • Super high-vision
  • Tablet PC
  • Inspection devices
  • Printers
  • Medical equipments
  • Airplanes, Automobiles

Specifications of our polymer waveguide

  • Propagation loss 0.05dB/cm at 850nm (compliant: IEC 61280-4-1)
  • Crosstalk – less than -25 dB (40μm core and 62.5μm pitch)
  • Data rate: 10Gbps/ch, 12.5Gbps/ch, 14Gbps/ch, 16Gbps/ch, 25Gbps/ch ,40Gbps/ch
  • Transmission capacity of one polymer waveguide-40Gb/s, 80Gb/s, 100Gb/s, 120Gb/s, 240Gb/s, 400Gb/s, 480Gb/s, 600Gb/s, 1.2Tb/s, 1.5Tb/s

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