Helping to Maintain the Freshness of Produce and Reduce Environmental Impacts with P-Plus®

Our company’s freshness-preserving film P-Plus® helps to improve distribution and product appeal by retaining the freshness of fruits and vegetables for an extended period of time, and delaying degradation. This is achieved by keeping the product in a state of “hibernation” (a state of equilibrium with reduced breathing).

This means that products can be switched from styrene foam packaging to cardboard boxes, contributing to the resolution of problems with waste due to lighter and more compact packaging. This can also reduce food loss with the extended period of quality maintenance thanks to functional improvements in packaging and containers, contributing to the reduction of environmental burdens in terms of the lifecycle of fruits and vegetables.

P-Plus® is not only used in areas across Japan to transport their typical fruits and vegetables, in recent years it has been adopted for overseas exports and distribution between foreign countries. It is also used for packaging cut vegetables, and you can buy zipper bags for use at home.

P-Plus® is being used to ship fruits and vegetables grown in every corner of Japan

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