Helping to Maintain the Freshness of Produce and Reduce Environmental Impacts with P-Plus®

Our company's freshness preserving film called P-Plus® helps to improve distribution and product marketability by retaining the freshness of fruits and vegetables for an extended period of time and effectively delaying quality degradation. This is achieved by keeping the produce in a state of hibernation so to speak (a state of equilibrium with reduced breathing).

This means produce can be switched from styrene foam packaging to cardboard boxes, which reduces waste and makes it possible for lighter weight more compact shipments. Also, the improved performance of packaging helps to extend quality even longer, reducing food loss. As a result, P-Plus® reduces environmental impacts across the entire life cycle of fruits and vegetables. In recent years, P-Plus® is being used not only to ship unique fruits and vegetables grown in every corner of Japan, but also to export these items to overseas markets and for distribution between other countries.


P-Plus® is being used to ship fruits and vegetables grown in every corner of Japan

Increasing application in overseas markets

Vegetable exports

Kushima Aoi Farm Co., Ltd. Miyazaki [Sweet potatoes]

The sweet potatoes of the Kushima Aoi Farm are reaching tables beyond Japan and are now exported to Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. Since July 2015, P-Plus® anti-condensation film has been adopted for all products. Export volumes are growing.

(snack potatoes)

Promotion in foreign supermarket

Star of an overseas supermarket display

What is condensation-preventing film?

Enclosing certain fruits and vegetables in conventional dew-preventing film results in condensation forming on the surface of the film due to the water content of the produce. In turn, this is a factor behind freshness degradation.

Condensation-preventing film effectively prevents condensation from forming because of its dew prevention and water vapor transmission qualities.

Ordinary film
Once water droplets adhere to the film, light reflects randomly making the packaging appear cloudy.

Conventional dew-preventing film
The film effectively turns water droplets into a membrane, but excess water droplets make the packaging appear cloudy.

Condensation-preventing film
Effectively prevents condensation from forming because of its dew prevention and water vapor transmission qualities.

With the goal of supplying truly authentic sweet potatoes, we focused on the freshness preserving technology offered by P-Plus®. We are now able to address increasing demand from outside Japan and we were recognized with the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Prize at the Fiscal 2016 Awards for Exporter Excellence. Going forward, we hope to expand our operations even further thanks to P-Plus®

Kushima Aoi Farm Co., Ltd.
Makoto Ikeda

Using P-Plus® for the Distribution of Cut Orchids Locally

Sun International Flower of Thailand [Cut orchids]

The orchid is considered to be a symbol of Thailand. Sun International Flower exports some 1.5 million cut orchids every month to destinations around the world. We have selected P-Plus® for shipments to Europe via air freight. Typically, the quality of an orchid cannot be maintained beyond more than four or five days once it reaches a store, but we have been able to extend this to 10 days thanks to P-Plus®.

Orchid packaging

Our mission is to provide people around the world with beloved orchids grown in Thailand. Therefore, we require careful consideration of every single process, from selection of flowers to the delivery method. Currently, we are using P-Plus® as a special packaging material reserved for high quality flowers. I feel that our reputation in terms of flower quality is steadily growing, especially in Europe.

With freshness preserving film P-Plus® as one of our greatest assets, looking forward we hope to further grow the market by establishing a shipment and transport system unrivaled by our competitors.

Executive Vice President
Sun International Flower
Wuthichai Pipatmanomai

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